The bull, man and the myth


From pre historic age, man has demonstrated profound admiration for the animal kingdom and it has been represented in Rock Art, this interest is directly in relation to hunting, an activity from which man obtained part of its sustenance.

The bull being an animal of great being and bravery, belonging to the astrological wheel of the zodiac, is a good example of this veneration and respect, being rooted in the Lusitania culture( Portugal and Spain) through the “Festa Brava”, with many admirers and opposes.

Independently of the role that the animal may have in man’s life, in many archaic and present civilizations, it is considered to be a divine manifestation, also associated with the mythological concepts.

The myth of the Minotaur is maybe the most well-known which represents a man consumed by his own desires. In essence this corresponds to our interior conflict between our human and animal instincts.

This Mail art Call has as its main objective to explore the triplicate between the BULL, MAN and the MYTH.

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Becouse The International Union of Mail Artists (IUOMA) will celebrate 25 years of existence in 2013, this project is dedicated to this special date.

quinta-feira, 7 de março de 2013


front (14x19cm) 2013
front (14,4x21,8cm) 2013
front (9,8x14,5cm) 2013
 From the country where the legend of minotaur saw the day light, comes this three pieces by Katerina, with some rubber stamps on the backside. Nikoltsou is a very active mail artists, she usually works with the collage technique, creating small pieces with a very sense of color and originality.

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